GFGR 2019 was great!

Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous was a blast!
Sure, the drive up there had a weather hiccough to it, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Although taking a leak behind the car in 15 degrees during a near whiteout was an interesting experience.
But, it was a great time with good folk, and the first time I was at a convention as an attending pro. My panels went well and good, and I was introduced to Steve Kenson (which was a cool thing), so it was a good time.
It was also the first convention that my partner Gillian went to, and our first convention together. We even skimmed Yellowstone on the way back home. We drove through Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming over the course of the week, too.
Lastly, the Roadhouse Diner made for an awesome burger and fries dinner on Saturday night. Easily one of the better burgers that I’ve had.
Damn good trip. 🙂

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