PaizoCon 2018 was fun…

…and it was cool to finally make it to an even-numbered year PaizoCon.

Seriously, I’ve been going since 2009, although potentially I was suppose to make the 2008 inception (thus the start of the “curse”), yet I’ve never(until now) made it to an even-numbered event.

I’ve had plans go sideways economically, I’ve had roommates bail at the last second, and other such fun.

This year, however, was the inverse of that luck. I’d made it to OrcaCon 2018, and I thought that’d be my convention for the year. One and done, and done early.

But, it’s been a fair enough start to my year freelancing-wise and suddenly I could afford to go to PaizoCon.

It was all solo, mind you. I didn’t get to plan it right and do it with a roommate, which I’ll try to avoid next year.

Sure, I enjoy the privacy of having a room just to me. But, that’s a luxury I can’t often afford.

That said, PaizoCon was terrific. It’s still an affable, small convention. Thankfully. To the best of my knowledge there were no issues this year, again thankfully. I ain’t one to suffer much at a convention, but I’ve a solid sense of empathy so I don’t like it when others suffer unduly either.

I was walking with a cane this year, which is a recent change due to my back having utterly crapped out on me. I did okay, and only had a couple embarrassing moments, but folks at the convention were right kind and helpful about it.

Seriously, taking a tumble and having folks not only catch you, but help you up, is a humbling thing. Kind, too, but humbling.

I actually played Pathfinder this time, but only the Beta via the Delve and via a PFS Playtest. The Delve was with Stephen Radney-MacFarland running and it was a blast. The PFS bit was with Lyz Liddell, and it was a helluva way to kick off the convention.

I also managed to play some Starfinder, also via the Delve. Once with Adrian Ng, and the second time with Jason Keeley. Both were enjoyable times, and it was fun seeing Jason Keeley run in person.

All the seminars were good, including the Glass Cannon Podcast bit. I enjoy watching live streams of gaming, but I never thought I’d enjoy it in person…but I did.

I was also in a Known Direction seminar, and it was quite enjoyable.

I had a good time at the various creation-type seminars for Starfinder stuff, especially the one making a monster (of course).

All in all it was a good time, and a great social con. I didn’t get to see as many folks as I’d have liked, as it’s just big enough now that that can happen. But, I enjoyed the time with those I could manage to see.

My freelance networking was…well, we all know that I harp on myself about not being good at self-promotion. So, I handed out some cards, chit chatted, and that was that. I hung out with Christen and his spouse James, even hit a group dinner with them, which was cool.

Now we’ll see how next year goes.

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