Contemplation and Lulls

It never fails, if I’m given enough time to ruminant I’ll get stuck in a quagmire of contemplation and reflection that has me rethinking everything I’ve done or want to do.

It’s partially why I like to keep something on my “plate,” so to speak, because it helps keep my focus.

Lulls, well they just beg me to look at how I do things, at how I could do things, and if I should change them. Rabbit holes and “What If” chains that lead down infinite corridors that are both solitary, yet interconnected.

It’s all the worse when I’m thinking of doing something new, something I’ve not done before, because I tend to overthink things before I do them. Think Thanking ideas via an inner monologue, pretend conversations, most of which shred my ideas like so much pulled pork.

Most creatives suffer this, mind you. It ain’t special to me. Everyone has their own difference, but we all do it. Sometimes cripplingly so.

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