PaizoCon 2017 in Review

All in all, PaizoCon 2017 was a blast.

Good time, good company, and good games.

My first game was on the Thursday night before PaizoCon, where I played in Erik Scott de Bie’s “Escape from Leuther” using Robert J. Schwalb’s Shadow of the Demon Lord in a homebrew based on Erik’s The World of Ruin series.

It was a blast, and not only did I get to play in my first game of Shadow of the Demon Lord, but I also made some new friends thanks to the other folks Erik invited.

Next up was my first PaizoCon game on Friday, where someone was running “The Curious Case of Tom Mallard” using Monte Cook Games’ The Strange by Bruce Cordell. Once more, a good time was had.

On Saturday I played in “Shadowed Plains”, also for The Strange, but it was a bit hectic. There were good folk, and fun was had, but it wasn’t up to the snuff of the prior two games.

Sunday would change for the better, though. I played in “Pressured Not to Land” which was set in Monte Cook Games’ Numenera, and later on in the day I played in “The Thanex Caper” in Legendary Games’ Legendary Planets setting. It was run by Jason Eric Nelson, and it was easily the best game of the convention and tied for best game of my vacation.

Also, Alistair John Riggs is a glorious beast when it comes to getting into character of the pregen he was playing. It was almost like we were all trying to play up to his level of nuttery.

Outside of the games, there were plenty of seminars, the preview banquet, and unofficial and official gatherings out the wazoo. Seriously, I was handing out my cards, talking with folk, eating good eats, and generally being a sociable opposite of my normal self.

As always, I highly recommend PaizoCon to folks who support Paizo, or who just like having a Memorial Day Weekend convention in the Seattle area. 😉

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