New Year and New Paths

The last few years have had their ups and downs, and 2016’s pendulum swung wider than prior years.

On the downside of the year, there was loss on a personally and professional level, as a good friend passed away unexpectedly and the so-called “new normal” stands out still. But, as it is with loss, you just have to remember the good and move forward.

On the upside, it was a year of new projects with new folks, which is always nice. I did some design work with the folks from Monte Cooke Games on “The Coming of the Hex,” and it was a blast. I also did some editorial work on a project for Everyman Gaming on the “Dynastic Races Compendium” that I was really proud of.

There was also a new personal endeavor of mine started last year, although it’s still in the nascent stages. I formed my own small press company, Red Cone Press, that will be supporting various systems with projects that are my own execution and ideas. At the moment I’m planning to support the Cypher System, D&D 5th Edition, and Starfinder. There might be a smattering of other systems, here and there, but those are the main ones right now.

Red Cone Press has been in the planning since Spring of 2016, as I wanted to do my own projects for my own reasons and see if folks liked them. It’s also a chance to be my own boss, and see how things turn out.

So here’s to 2017, interesting times to say the least.